Ashley Inguanta’s second collection, For the Woman Alone (Ampersand Books), is a collage of loss and healing, photography and poetry, memory and hope. Arranged around the author’s own photography, Inguanta’s sincere and passionate poetry holds moments in time and releases them with compassion.




“This is a love letter this is a lost journal this is a found journal this is an artifact a record a trace an accident a secret a promise. This is a finger across the skin, for a moment, and then gone.” – Stephen Graham Jones, The Least of My Scars

“For the Woman Alone is more than a book, it is an experience–it is the moment carefully carved out from the haunting past and daunting future. This collection reminds us that the moment is all that can truly belong to us–and the best of us is only found when we surrender it to another. These poems perpetually carry the scent of blueberries on a lover’s breath and softly places us in the ocean. If you have ever wondered where to locate love, it resides within these pages.”  – Nicelle Davis, Becoming Judas

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Stay tuned for updates about For The Woman Alone as performance with Emotions Dance.




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“You say we will never find the way home. I say we are already there, even at times like these, times when death cannot see that she is birth, that she is animal, that she is flower.” – From The Way Home (Dancing Girl Press)

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