The Way Home has officially been released!

photo by Karen Prosen

photo by Karen Prosen


It took me my whole life to write this book.

When I was born, I was hired. I’ve never stopped working.

If you go to the dedication page, you will see an image. This image is whatever you feel, whatever you feel.

I dedicate this book to the freedom to feel.

And I want to know what you experience as you read.  My only hope is that this book can spark dialogue. Remember that dialogue comes in many forms. Freedom to feel is one form.

It is simply an honor to share this collection with you.


You can buy a copy from Dulcet, Dancing Girl Press & Studio.

And you can order a signed copy from Book Soup.

Also, go to the Tour page, and at any one of these locations and dates you can buy a copy of the collection.

When I sign the book for you, I will do my best to include a poem.

All my best,