Spring is here,



Spring is here,

and it’s been a while since I have written in this e-space.

The Way Home show was a dream. I have much to share about it, and I hope to get it up here soon.

But more importantly, I want to dedicate this post to renewal. To spring.

I’ve learned to view art as entities to give birth to, and in that I’ve felt a shift in the way I photograph and write. I am not sure how to explain this shift yet.

To begin Spring, I’m happy to announce that I am the new Art Director of Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine.  I still edit and art direct at SmokeLong Quarterly.  Curating has become a remarkable art form in my life.

Also, I have a photoset coming out in The Eckleburg Gallery of The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review. This set is called “Energies,” and while some photographs in the set were taken about two years ago, many have been recently taken.  The way time and layers come together to create certain energies — that is what I explored in this set.

I’m also happy to announce that Nicole Scarpato Monaghan’s collection, Want/Wound, is out with Burning River Press.  Nicole asked me to photograph her collection’s cover.

An underwater photograph I took last year, “Shift,” is also out in PANK 8.  The way time happens is something I may never fully understand.  I took this photo on a day last year, when I was in a very different place than I am in now, and the photo is still “out there,” moving and changing and growing. This photograph is part of a larger series called “Birthplace as Rented Room,” which explores the very temporary way that humans move underwater.

This is supposed to be an “update” post, and I am not quite sure how to close it. I am getting off the computer to explore the evening. Remember, life is art. Get out there.

Love to you,