End of Summer updates —

Hello all,

Fall is approaching! I moved to Brooklyn last week, and I am looking forward to the season change.

I have a few exciting announcements:

1. I was fortunate enough to be included in There Will Be Words’ first ever all-women show. This was the Lilith Fair for Central Florida poets, and it was an honor to read with Susan Lilley, Whitney Hamrick, and Stephanie Renae Johnson. You can watch our performance videos here.

2. You can also read the transcript for my video (“A Response to Rachel Simmons’ The Wonder and Sorrow Experiment”) here, at The Gallery at Avalon Island’s blog.

3. September 5th was John Cage’s birthday! To celebrate, I performed 4’33” with musicians Beatriz Ramirez-Belt and F.C. Belt outside of Lincoln Center in New York. We didn’t document the performance, but we had a lot of fun.  I love how this piece examines music and silence, and it was an honor to perform it.

4. Orlando’s I Believe in You show (which happened on August 24th) was powerful. I had the privilege of performing in this strong lineup:

Jessica Earley
Jack Fields
Melanie Lister
Stephanie Lister
Hannah Miller
Jorgen Nicholas Trygved

And I am also grateful to have share space with these visual artists:

Vanessa Andrade, Winter Calkins, Jack Fields, Greg Leibowitz, Sam Myers, Coral Tschannen, & Adam Vorozilchak

And DJ Child Heart lead an epic dance party afterwards.

For my performance, I joined forces with musician Rhae Royal and dancer Christin Carlow (now Caviness).

Artist Rick Jones got this photo of us as the performance began:


photo by Rick Jones

photo by Rick Jones


You can view a gallery of the night here, in The Orlando Weekly. Thank you, Lesley Silvia, for taking these pictures.

I will always be grateful to have been part of such a strong, encouraging community in Florida.

And now I look forward to expanding my community in Brooklyn.


Take care, readers, and thank you for being here.