The winter months are long,

and I am learning how to stay patient in the cold. I’m learning that as seasons change, loss becomes more apparent. One month without, another month without. And yet, gain changes, too. One month building, another month building.


I began writing my new chapbook collection of poetry, For The Woman Alone, last April. It has transformed from a book about love, connection, and partnership to a book very much about loss and longing, the kind of love one finds when one has been alone for far too long. I hope it finds its way to you–you being anyone out there who feels like you’ve walked alone for too long, if it’s hard for you to see the end of this. I’ve learned that there is no clear end, but there is transformation. I hope that this book can be one of transformation for you.


Here and here, you can read “For The Woman Alone” and “Body, Out,” two poems that appear in the collection.  I am also happy to share that San Andreas Fault, which also appears in the collection, has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Jason Cook of The Ampersand Review. 


November and December have been months of hibernation for me–I haven’t been in these temperatures for such an extended period of time in over a decade. And yet, these months have been of abundance. I have a new essay in The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review, and some of my photographs appear in the newest issue of Gulf Stream.  My profile at Brooklyn RAW is also up, and I’m very excited about being part of their PIXELS art show on the 26th of January. 


Here’s to 2014: I hope this year can be one of transformation for you. If you are looking for hope, here’s to you finding it, holding on,

a steady breathing.