In The News / Interviews


“Interview with Ashley Inguanta, “ Into the Void MagazineAugust, 2016, by Philip Elliott.

“UCF Grad to Publish Third Book of Poetry,” The Central Florida Future. March, 2016, by Kristin James

“Ashley Inguanta’s On The Way Home: Review & Interview,” Bartleby Snopes. January, 2016, by Danielle Dyal



“Blurring Genre Boundaries with Ashley Inguanta,” Bartleby Snopes. October, 2015, by Lenora Desar

“Interview with Rough Magick Contributor Ashley Inguanta,” Love in The Time of Global Warming. October, 2015, by Francesca Lia Block

“UCF grads to show work for Art in Odd Places festival,” The Central Florida Future. September, 2015 by Daniela Martin.

“Bomb,” Functionally Literate podcast. August, 2015, by Ryan Rivas and Jared Sylvia

“For The Woman Alone,” American Microreviews, 2015. Review by Annie Won

“Indie Spotlight: Ampersand Books.” The Ploughshares Blog. February, 2015

“Brainstorming with Ashley Inguanta,” The Great American Brainstorm. January, 2015, Interviewed by Paul Nicolaus



New Books in Poetry. October, 2014, Interviewed by Jen Fitzgerald.

“Ep. 5: Woman Alone,” Functionally Literate. August, 2014, Interviewed by Burrow Press’ Ryan Rivas and Jared Sylvia

“OMG Poems!” Luna Luna Magazine. April, 2014, by Lisa Marie Basile



“‘I Believe in You’ is a freeze-frame portrait of an artistic community” Orlando Weekly. August, 2013, by Jessica Bryce Young

“Ashley Inguanta’s The Way Home literary release party at the Timucua White House” Orlando Weekly. January, 2013, by Aimee Vitek

Six central Florida Poets You Should Know,” Orlando Arts Magazine. June, 2013, by Laura Cole



“Episode 8, In Which John Says Many Things He Oughn’t” The Drunken Odyssey with John King (Podcast). July, 2012, interview by John King

“Ashley Inguanta’s Poetry Cover Night” Orlando Weekly. July, 2012, by Jessica Bryce Young

“The Slant Interview with Ashley Inguanta” Flash Fiction Chronicles. May, 2012 by Michelle Reale

“Magikal Readism at the Bowery Poetry Club” Feb, 2012, by Liz Axelrod

“15 Views of Orlando” January, 2012, by Jason Borucki

“View Masters: Local publisher Burrow Press shows that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts in the 15 View of Orlando anthology” Orlando Weekly. January, 2012, by James Fleming



“An Interview with Writer Ashley Inguanta” Redivider. October, 2011, by Chandra Asar

“Artist Spotlight: Smoking with Ashley Inguanta” SmokeLong Quarterly. September, 2011, by Gay Degani

“Literary Death Match: Orlando, Ep. 1 (Recap)” June, 2011, by Adrian Todd Zuninga

“Inside SmokeLong” Vouched Books. February, 2011, by Chris Newgent



“Organizers and artists celebrate opening night of ‘PINK ART’ exhibit, Orlando Sentinel. March, 2010, by Lauren P. Burrows

“Smoking with Ashley Inguanta” SmokeLong Quarterly. December, 2010, by Molly Gaudry, “Student Literary Magazine Celebrates 20 Years” UCF TODAY. April, 2009